Innovation in state-of-the-art fiber blending

We are world leaders in the manufacture of technical threads. Thanks to Our top-quality materials, we create and innovate with threads that adapt to the needs of each client!

Our HI-PER YARN line specializes in state-of-the-art fiber blends generation, to provide solutions to the industry with specific needs of a high-performance maintaining competitiveness in the market.

Some of the sectors for which they are developed our products are:

We are committed to offer the best Technical yarns with the best performance in the market.

We have technical yarns for:

  • Clothing and gloves for safety and industrial protection
  • Military Clothing and Equipment
  • Clothing and equipment for rescue forces
  • Clothing and equipment for extreme sports
  • Industrial belts and tapes
  • Automotive component reinforcements
  • Reinforcements of aeronautical components
  • High-performance harnesses and ropes
  • Sports and safety footwear
  • Sewing threads
  • PPE
  • Welding

Technical capabilities:

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